Ep 12, 4/5: Ken the Atlanta Uzi - Gettin’ Stupid

January 20, 2018

...Still drinking...


Ep 12, 3/5: Ken the Atlanta Uzi - We are drinking too much

January 20, 2018

It's somewhere around hour 3 of the 5 hour drink-a-thon with Ken Uzi from Atlanta. And time passes and more beer is drunk, Johnny gets more and more long winded, ranty, and know-it-all-y.


Ep 12, 2/5: Ken the Atlanta Uzi -Starting to Get Buzzed

January 16, 2018

Ken is way too polite as Johnny and Steve escalate their inabilities to shut up.


Ep 12, 1/5: Ken the Atlanta Uzi - Beer and Atlanta

January 14, 2018

Ken Uzi joins us all the way from Atlanta Georgia to bring us a huge surprise delivery of Atlanta Craft beer. We get drunk and shoot the breeze for 5-HOURS, so we broke it up into 5 episodes. This hour is specifically about beer and Atlanta.


Ep 13 Choking Dummies (Dadjitsu Podcast)

December 27, 2017

The guys from The Dadjitsu Podcast join Johnny and Steve. Choking happens.


Ep 11 To heck with Dave Grohl

December 10, 2017

We talk with Pete R about music, beer, music, and other stuff we don't know about. We talk for two hours, sign off, talk for another hour and then give you music! There are three songs at the end from a band Pete and Steve were in called "Prodigal Boxer".


Ep 10 The Hollywood “package”

November 26, 2017

Nick H and Kyle K join us to talk about, beer, gender pronouns, beer, sports teams holding you ransom, beer, The Hop (Milwaukee streetcar), beer, do bad impressions and drink beer.


Ep 8 Alchemy for life

November 19, 2017

Our guest this episode is Mark B. He made a dating website and will help you at life. We all need that sometime.

Yes, Ep 8 is coming out after Ep 9. You're not crazy.


Ep 9 Vietnam

November 6, 2017

A conversation with a Vietnam Vet from Milwaukee about some of his time there. And of course, there's beer.


Ep7: JP’s Word On The Street

October 30, 2017

We talk with John Paul about family life, work life, star wars, toy collecting, new glarus spotted cow, and many other things. Half of the episode was censored from excessive potty-mouth language. We attempt to drunk dial Ken U, but it's 2017 so he doesn't answer the phone.